Book Notes: Values in Therapy

August 03, 2022 [books] #therapy #book-notes


A deep dive into values for therapists who specialize in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). I am not a therapist, and I picked up the book because I was curious and wondered if it was an extension of Victor Frankl's logotheraphy. He's briefly mentioned before we are guided head along into values. The fundamental tenet of the book is that exploring values with clients can help them navigate through personal crises and problems that they choose to have therapy for. Values aren't words, but actions, what people invest their time and energy in. Values are not goals. I found the first few chapters exploring values, contrasting them with goals and the role it plays in therapy very engrossing. The remaining chapters are about strategies to cultivate valued living. That became repetitive after a while. I suspect I will only do the exercises if I ever actually go to therapy.

As an aside, it looks like what separates self-help books from therapy ones are randomized controlled trials and peer reviews.


What could values be?

Psychological Flexibility

Tools to discover and cultivate values

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