Solomon's Vineyard

February 18, 2019 [books] #reviews #pulp-fiction

Book: Solomon's Vineyard
Author: Jonathan Latimer

Don’t recall ever having as much fun with a pulp fiction as I did with this one. I dare you to read the first page and put the book down:

“FROM THE WAY her buttocks looked under the black silk dress, I knew she’d be good in bed. The silk was tight and under it the muscles worked slow and easy. I saw weight there, and control, and, brother, those are things I like in a woman. I put down my bags and went after her along the station platform.”

With a plot involving assassins, shady lawyers, religious cults, femme fatales, tommy gun wielding gangsters and just a tiny bit of necrophilia, I was reminded of Kiss Me Deadly, and what was said of that film - “designed to ruin young viewers”.