State of Reading 2022

December 29, 2022 [books] #retrospective

I finished 37 books so far this year. I might finish one other before the year ends. There are many more in various stages of progress, but incomplete. These 37 span 9537 pages, so that's roughly 237 pages a book on average. When I started this year, I wanted to read a lot less that I did before. I failed by at least 15. Most of my reading happened just these past six months - I only read 8 books or so prior to June/July.

Some desiderata for the next year

Considering how little I remember of most books I have read, I don't want to read more than 25 books next year. Lesser, if I can get away with it. Reading has become a crutch to avoid thinking. It is easy to eliminate a great many books from consideration just by reading reviews and reading the Kindle samples. My reading life has taught me that the books that are most rewarding are those at the intersection of interesting or insightful ideas and at the same time at least a little robust and critical about the epistemological foundations of the claims they are making. I might have a few like that.

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