Lessons from Aravind Eye Care System

January 25, 2021 #lessons #business

From this interview of Dr. Srinivasan from Aravind Eye Hospitals:

Q: What lessons have you learned that explain Aravind's success?

Dr. Srinivasan: Perhaps the most important lesson we have learned is this: keep everything very simple. And keep everything close to mission so that people understand why we do what we do.

Second, we have also learned how important it is to have a strong value system - a value system we believe in passionately.

Third, we have realized that we have to keep a sharp focus on our delivery system. When Dr. V kept talking initially about McDonald's, most of us didn't get his point. But now that we have seen the impact of his approach, we understand his vision. Achieving scale and improving productivity has enabled us to keep costs down and treat hundreds of thousands of patients each year. It has allowed us to give back to society, to the communities.