Book Notes: From Zero to Kyocera

June 20, 2023 [books] #management #book-notes

Book: From Zero to Kyocera
Author: Kazuo Inamori


Old man looking back on a well lived life. A genre I really like, especially the East Asian kind. Hits all the check boxes: be kind, think of your people, and have an insane work ethic. Do the right thing and the money will follow. I can take a swig of this, yeah. No hideous self-pity like those from the Anglo-sphere, no horrible bosses or discussions of bad marriages and personal failings. Just a life of spiritual commitment. John Wooden would love it. Kazuo Inamori founded Kyocera when he was 27, rode the semiconductor wave thanks to an early relationship with Fairchild Semiconductors and now has a mythic status in Japan for turning around Japan Airlines after it went bankrupt, founding the telecommunication giant DDI, setting up the Kyoto Prize, and being a trained Zen monk. I want to listen to him.


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